Chocolate Tasting Guide

When starting Chocotastery we wanted to create an unique, approachable tasting guide to help amateur chocolate enthusiasts mindfully taste chocolate.

With the help of graphic designer, Sharon Klein, we designed a simple, icon-centric four step process consisting of taking in the color of the chocolate, the snap, the aroma and flavors of the chocolate.  

We decided that it would best to give a few examples of the groups of flavors that one can taste while tasting chocolate. The examples are not indicative of any specific region or of all chocolate in general. We normally relate to flavors based on our experiences of tasting foods through life. It is our hope that the flavors noted spark other related flavors in those flavor categories.

There's no better way to experience and have fun with tasting chocolate than to start a conversation. We also share a few conversation starter questions at the bottom of our guide to help with sharing your experience.

Don't commit everything to memory in hopes to remember your chocolate experience, you have the opportunity to keep track of your notes using our Chocolate Tasting Sheet.

Be sure to attend one of our classes so that you can take home your very own copy of our Chocolate Tasting Guide.

We hope to have physical copies of our Chocolate Tasting Guide for sale by May 2019! Stay connected with us to to be the first to know when we release it to the public!