Chocolate Tasting Sheet

When we decided on the design of our Chocolate Tasting Guide, we wanted to provide chocolate consumers with a simple and approachable opportunity to take a few notes of the chocolate samples they tasted during their tasting. 

With the design expertise of graphic designer Sharon Klein, we created a simple space for the chocolate samples. In addition to noting the chocolate maker and cacao origin, we have spaces to note the color of the chocolate, how loud the snap was, aroma, and flavors of the chocolate. Unlike other tasting sheets out on the market, we included a space to make note of any nostalgic experiences that the chocolate may have reminded you of during your life. Lastly, we have a space for notes if there is anything else you wanted to make note for future reference.

At the end of tasting a chocolate we can make our overall opinion of the chocolate by selecting an emoji face to sum up the emotions you had towards the chocolate. 

Lastly, and similar to our Chocolate Tasting Guide, we ask the same few conversation starter questions to share your experience of tasting the four chocolates.

We hope to have physical copies of our Chocolate Tasting Sheet for sale by May 2019! Stay connected with us to to be the first to know when we release it to the public!