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Discovering a Whole New World of Chocolate

A defining moment for me and my journey with Chocotastery, was when one of my students, raised her hand to share that after she had tasted the Letterpress Chocolate - 70% Ashanti,  Ghana bar that, “it was the best chocolate I ever had in my entire life”. It made me feel so accomplished, fulfilling on my mission and truly making a difference.

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Guatemala Chocolate Tasting to Get Ready for Dallas Chocolate Festival

Date of tasting: 9/6/2018 - Enroute to Dallas Chocolate Festival This morning I pumped myself up with a Guatemala chocolate tasting as I started my journey from NJ to Dallas, Texas for the Dallas Chocolate Festival. I started off my tasting at Newark airport a little bit before 6am waiting for my flight to Dallas. The first chocolate I tasted was Sirene Chocolate - Guatemala - 73%. Sirene Chocolate is based in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.  The chocolate was dark brown in color and mid to loud snap. Thee was a big cocoa aroma that I smelled right off the bat. As I tasted my first piece, I was greeted with a fudge note and then a sweet caramel note that...

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