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Discovering a Whole New World of Chocolate

A defining moment for me and my journey with Chocotastery, was when one of my students, raised her hand to share that after she had tasted the Letterpress Chocolate - 70% Ashanti,  Ghana bar that, “it was the best chocolate I ever had in my entire life”. It made me feel so accomplished, fulfilling on my mission and truly making a difference.

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Welcome to Our Chocolate Tastings Blog!

I want to welcome you to our blog. This portion of the website is where I will share my chocolate tasting experiences. It is merely subjective. I am not sharing my chocolate experiences to persuade you whether or not to buy a certain chocolate, tell you a chocolate is good or bad, follow a certain chocolate maker or like a certain type or origin of chocolate. I am answering a calling to share my love for chocolate and to bring light to those who share a passion for the “Food of the Gods”. In 2009, I answered a calling to learn how to make truffles and bonbons. In 2015, I answered a calling to learn how to make bean to...

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